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Valencia, A. & Van Hoorn, J. (1999). La Isla Pacifica: A Haven for Battered Mexican American Women. American Psychologist, 54(1), (pp.62-63).

La Isla Pacifica serves women fleeing a violent partner. The shelter is open to all women, but it differs from many of its counterparts because it is designed to be a a good cultural and linguistic fit for Spanish-speaking women of Mexican descent. An outline describes the program, structure, program services, staffing, mission statement, and recommendations to accommodate the interests of a majority of battered Mexican-American women under the age of thirty years.

Van Hightower, N., R., Ph.D. & Gorton, J., Ph.D., LMSW. (1998). Domestic Violence among Patients at Two Rural Health Care Clinics: Prevalence and Social Correlates. Public Health Nursing, 15(5), (pp.355-362).

Despite a growing body of knowledge concerning family abuse, there is little research focusing on domestic violence in rural settings. Likewise, there is a paucity of research on family abuse among Hispanics. This study examined the prevalence of spousal abuse among predominately low income Hispanic patients of two rural health care clinics. The correlation of certain social factors to domestic violence also was examined. Survey data was collected from 155 adult female patients. Findings revealed a 19% prevalence rate. This rate corresponds to recent measures of domestic violence nationwide. A bivariate analysis showed a significant positive relationship between spousal abuse and drug/alcohol use by victims' intimate partners. Abuse was significantly related to the community location of the health care clinics. The article concludes by discussing implications of the study for rural domestic violence intervention, treatment and research.

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