Immigrant Women Program, NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund

Advanced Family Law Focus Group and Training
June 8-9, 2004, Austin, Texas
(Sponsored by the Office on Violence Against Women
of the U.S. Department of Justice)


On Line Registration Open:

This two-day conference will bring together OVW advanced (3+ years) family law attorneys to discuss current emerging issues for immigrant victims and their children in family law cases. Participants will be involved in sharing issues, innovative strategies, and challenges that arise in family court cases involving immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and trafficking in their jurisdictions. The goal of this family law focus group is to provide participants with information about successful strategies they can use when representing immigrant victims in family law cases and to identify problems that attendees envision they may encounter when using these strategies in family court cases in their jurisdictions. The conference will run for a full day on both days.

Open to ALL OVW grantees (particularly Legal Assistance for Victims, STOP, Rural).

Attendees must be family lawyers with 3+ years experience including experience representing immigrant victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault in family court cases (e.g. protection orders, custody, divorce, child protection matters).

Please note: Lawyers with 3+ years experience working for agencies with OVW grant funding are invited to attend and may attend even if the OVW funding does not specifically fund all or part of their position with the agency.

If you have any questions please contact: Joyce Noche, NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund, or our conference coordinator Pat White, NCDSV, TAPS, (512) 407-9020, ext. 114.


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Virtual Forums -- World Women's Forum

The World Women’s Forum, which belongs to The Universal Forum of Cultures – Barcelona 2004, wants to encourage as many participants as possible to the virtual Forums to talk about world women’s situation in several subjects (labour, wars, policies, etc.).

All your contributions will be incorporated in the World Women’s Forum. It will take place on 29, 30 and 31 of July (if you want to see the event programme or ticket information, you can also visit the web page

For doubts, suggestions or more information, please email.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

All women involved can make a better world, based on equality of opportunities.

So that every day could be March 8th!

   Health Cares About Domestic Violence


October 8, 2004

Health Cares About Domestic Violence

Join health care professionals, domestic violence advocates and concerned citizens by getting the message out that domestic violence is a health issue! The Family Violence Prevention Fund's fifth annual Health Cares About Domestic Violence Day takes place October 8, 2004. This year's Organizing Packet highlights the long-term health consequences of intimate partner violence and is now available online and in hard copy. To download the packet visit or request a copy by calling (888) Rx-ABUSE, TTY (800) 595-4889.


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