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peaceAlianza would like to introduce you to the Let Go...Let Peace Come In Foundation, a nonprofit with a mission to create awareness about and help heal and support adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their loved ones, worldwide. Their website proves links to resources for survivors, family & friends, colleagues, professionals and other invaluable information.

With an estimated 60 million survivors of sexual abuse and trauma in the United States and hundreds of millions worldwide, it is imperative that we all help to shed light on how these perpetrations have shaped the behaviors of victims throughout their adulthood and why each survivor needs support and help to enter recovery and begin their healing journey.

The mission of Let Go, Let Peace Come In is to bring healing, support, and awareness to the hundreds of millions of adult childhood sexual abuse survivors and their families worldwide. Their aim is to enact change within the healthcare systems, political systems, and societies by teaching and educating through current technologies—to weave their message of peace, hope, recovery and happiness into the fabric of these societies by integrating published materials with video, audio and Internet media throughout the world. They also collect donations to provide the financial assistance necessary to start survivors of childhood sexual abuse on the path to recovery "one" survivor at a time.

 The Foundation is actively seeking adult survivors who would be willing to post a childhood photo and caption, their story, or their creative expressions on their website www.letgoletpeacecomein.org. By uniting survivors from across the globe Let Go, Let Peace Come in believes they can help provide a stronger and more powerful voice to those survivors who have not yet found the courage to speak out. The Foundation has also prepared a YouTube video that can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4PDC03Gl2k

Childhood sexual abuse is a widespread crime that is perpetrated upon children of both sexes. It is inflicted by men and women of all races and creeds. Childhood sexual abuse happens in the poorest neighborhoods and the most affluent towns throughout the world. It happens in homes that practice no religion and it happens in those homes that preach religion.

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse have universally one thing in common; they were controlled and manipulated by their abusers and unwillingly driven to a point of shame and fear. It is the goal of Let Go, Let Peace Come In to show those who have been exploited and those who love them, that there is a path to recovery and it begins with telling their story.

Many sexually abused children grow into disconnected adults functioning on the margins of society because of their deep scars. The goal of the Let Go...Let Peach Come In Foundation is to reconnect victims of childhood sexual abuse and trauma with the mental health services they need, including peer support.

There are many organizations already addressing the prevention and detection of childhood sexual abuse in children, but the focus of Let Go, Let Peace Come In is to show that the damage is both deeper and wider to adult individuals and to our society than previously thought. They want survivors to both speak and to be listened to, something they could not do as children. It is time to end the silence. Pictures and statements give a much needed human dimension to statistics and survivors sharing their stories helps to bring peace and personal change to each other.

Links to Information & Resources:

Survivors: http://www.letgoletpeacecomein.org/im-looking-for-help-survivors.html
Family & Friends: http://www.letgoletpeacecomein.org/family-and-friends.html
Coworkers/Colleagues: http://www.letgoletpeacecomein.org/im-looking-for-help-colleagues-and-coworkers.html
Helping Professionals: http://www.letgoletpeacecomein.org/im-looking-for-help-helping-professionals.html
Recognize the Symptoms: http://www.letgoletpeacecomein.org/recognize-the-symptoms.html
Books: http://www.letgoletpeacecomein.org/books.html
Online Resources: http://www.letgoletpeacecomein.org/online-resources.html
Testimonials: http://www.letgoletpeacecomein.org/testimonials.html
Videos: http://www.letgoletpeacecomein.org/videos.html

Organizations, Websites, Blogs & Other Resources

It helps survivors to know that they are not alone. This link will take you to the Let Go, Let Peace Come In list of: organizations, websites, blogs, message boards, and chat rooms. http://www.letgoletpeacecomein.org/online-resources.html


Betrayal and the Beast: A True Story of One Man's Journey, By Peter Pelullo, founder of Let Go... Let Peace In Foundation


When Peter S. Pelullo asked me to read his manuscript, "Betrayal and the Beast," and offer a brief comment, I immediately said yes, because I agree with Mr. Pelullo that not enough support or education exists to help adults navigate through life after being sexually violated as children. Although there are countless victims and survivors of child sexual abuse, not enough people know what to do to help them cope with the devastating physical, sexual, emotional, and spiritual effects that are the outcome of the violence perpetrated against them. This results in their having to suffer, alone and unsupported, through years of fear, shame, guilt, lack of intimacy and trust, and, in many cases, self-destructive behavior.

Pelullo's graphic and moving portrayal of his decades-long journey toward healing and recovery offers important lessons for parents, spouses, doctors, teachers and other adults who come in contact with survivors of this horrendous violence. His painfully honest story will also bring hope for those survivors who have lived in fear of not finding support or achieving recovery and help them start their own journey toward healing.  – Adelita M. Medina, Executive Director, National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence (Alianza)