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About the Alianza


Public Policy


  • Advocates for and helps to formulate policies that will prevent and help end domestic violence in Latino communities;
  • Monitors and disseminates information about the impact of domestic violence policies and legislation on Latino communities;
  • Promotes the involvement or inclusion of Latinas/os in policymaking and revenue allocating bodies; and
  • Advocates for the allocation of adequate resources to help prevent and end domestic violence in Latino communities.
Recent Activities

Develop and advance a National Latino Domestic Violence Agenda

Work with diverse communities on issues of public policy

Develop and distribute position papers on key issues affecting Latino families.

Help interpret new VAWA provisions for our constituents

Important Developments in Federal Legislation
  • The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA 2005) was reauthorized and signed into law on January 5, 2006 (Public Law 109-162). VAWA 2005 added some important provisions to help protect the rights of immigrant women, as well as to support the development of more culturally and linguistically specific services for underserved populations.  Additionally, VAWA 2005 included a number of new programs specifically focused on preventing violence. (See the highlights section below for more information).
  • It is important to note that some programs authorized under VAWA 2005 will not be implemented unless the funds are allocated through the Appropriations process.  It is important to advocate for full funding of VAWA 2005.
  • Alianza is working with several ally organizations to ensure that all communities have equal access to the funding which will be provided through VAWA. We will be posting relevant information about the submission of grant applications in the near future.
Improving Efforts to Address Violence Against Women in Communities of Color
  • Many victim services programs and criminal justice agencies are not able to adequately respond to the needs of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Additionally, many culturally specific organizations and community-based programs lack the resources to develop adequate prevention, intervention, and treatment services that are culturally and linguistically competent.
  • New provisions in VAWA 2005 are an intentional attempt to recognize that the vast complexities of addressing violence against women within cultural communities cannot be addressed by simply translating materials or providing cultural competency trainings.  It is important to give Communities of Color the opportunity and resources to develop culturally and linguistically appropriate services and work on prevention initiatives in their own communities.  Enhancements to currently existing programs, as well as newly authorized programs, seek to ensure that resources will be available to culturally specific community-based organizations.

Click here for a summary of key provisions in VAWA 2005

Let Your Voice Be Heard on Policy Matters

The work that you do to serve members of the Latino community affected by domestic violence is very important and we want your voices to be heard and your experiences and needs to be taken into account when policies are being made and when resources are being allocated.

One of the goals of the National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence (Alianza) is to advocate for policies that will prevent and help end domestic violence in Latino communities. This includes helping to ensure that adequate resources are made available to provide culturally and linguistically specific services to Latino families and communities. 

Alianza’s Director of Policy and Research is based in the Washington, D.C. area to assist Alianza in carrying out this important part of our mission and represent Alianza on different national domestic violence policy committees, as well as monitor and disseminate information about changes in domestic violence policies and legislation that affect Latino families and communities.

In order to better represent your organization and the needs of Latino communites we would appreciate it if you would take a few moments to complete a survey about federal funding issues. Please complete this survey and send it by email to or by fax to 703-942-5822703


Consider becoming a peer reviewer and consultant for the National Institute of Justice. Go to to register.

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