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El Centro:
National Latino Research Center
on Domestic Violence

El Centro is a national research center on domestic violence in Latino communities. It was established by Alianza, in partnership with Georgia State University, in response to the need for culturally relevant and appropriate research that would assist in the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs and initiatives on the issue of domestic violence among Latinos.  Julia Perilla, Ph.D., is the Director of El Centro.

El Centro’s mission is three-fold:

(1) to promote culturally appropriate research and evaluation regarding the issue of domestic violence in Latino communities;

(2) to mentor and serve as a resource for Latino and Latina researchers and other researchers interested in the issue of domestic violence in our population; and

(3) to maintain an ongoing dialogue with practitioners and service providers regarding relevant research topics that address emerging needs in our communities.

Research Projects | Collection of Materials
Fact Sheets and Research Article Summaries
Mentorship | Other Activities
Research Projects

Porqué: Latino Children Exposed to Domestic Violence (Click here to download file)

A research study to examine the effects of domestic violence exposure on Latino children. Partially funded by a small grant from the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence through The National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence (Alianza).

The Youth, Mothers, and Fathers of a Domestic Violence Intervention Program
Julia Perilla, Ph.D., C. D. Jean-Pierre Collier, M.A., and Cathy Roche, M.A.

Special thanks to Yeni Garcia, the interviewers, data entry team, youth researchers, and other collaborators for their hard work and dedication.

Collection of Materials

Alianza has continued to expand El Centro’s collection of informational materials on the issues listed below. Our annotated bibliography now contains more than 130 items.If you have any articles you would like to recommend for inclusion, please contact El Centro. Additionally, if you wish to obtain a copy of one of the articles listed below you can contact El Centro at to request a copy.

    • domestic violence
    • sexual abuse
    • child maltreatment in Latino/a populations
    • elder abuse
    • family violence in Latino/a lesbian/gay/bisexual couples
    • intervention programs for Latinos who batter

Dozens of items have also been added to our database, including short pieces, pamphlets, program materials, and manuals. A large portion of these items are in Spanish.

Fact Sheets and Research Article Summaries

Also available on our website is a fact sheet containing information about domestic violence in Latino communities and several summaries of research articles. Additional fact sheets and article summaries will soon be available.


Alianza offers a mentoring program for students at the undergraduate and graduate levels with the aim of increasing the number of Latino domestic violence researchers, and provides opportunities for them to come together with advocates and service providers. Dr. Perilla works directly with students at Georgia State University and also provides assistance and guidance to students at other locations doing research via email and telephone.

Other Activities

Dr. Perilla and other Alianza Board and staff members participate in panels, meetings and other forums aimed at promoting dialogue among Latino/a Scholars and community members. They also meet with government agencies such as the National Institute of Justice, Center for Disease Control, National Institute on Mental Health, and Department of Health and Human Services, to promote a better understanding about the research needs of Latino communities in the area of domestic violence.

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El Encuentro: A Gathering of Researchers and Community Members

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