Alianza has four major areas of work:

Training and Technical Assistance
Alianza’s offers training forums that help Latino/a service providers and advocates upgrade their knowledge and skills; develop and disseminate culturally and linguistically competent resource materials and curricula; and will develop and make available a database of culturally competent domestic violence professionals in various domestic violence areas and in various regions of the country who are willing to serve as consultants. The National Compadres Network, based in Los Angeles, California subcontracts with Alianza to conduct training and technical assistance activities.

Community Education and Development
Alianza’s is in the process of conducting a national campaign with culturally relevant prevention and intervention messages that will reach and engage multiple sectors of the community in preventing and helping to end domestic violence. Alianza will work with Latino/a organizations in targeted communities, during and following the campaign, to help develop their capacity to increase awareness and conduct prevention/intervention outreach among their individual constituents.

Alianza’s promotes culturally competent research that informs policies and helps develop culturally competent strategies and programs; periodically updates the annoted bibliography available on this website; keeps a database with relevant literature on policy, practice and research, from the United States and Latin America; help to develop more Latino/a researchers; and assist community based organizations and college students to turn their ideas into workable research proposals. Alianza’s research center, El Centro, exists in collaboration with Georgia State University (GSU) in Atlanta, GA.

Public Policy
Alianza’s advocates for and helps to formulate policies that will prevent and help end domestic violence in Latino communities; monitor and disseminate information about the impact of domestic violence policies and legislation; engage Latino communities (including individuals, families and community-based organizations), in advocating to end and prevent domestic violence; and advocate for the allocation of adequate resources to help prevent and end domestic violence in Latino communities.

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