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Award-winning drama about domestic violence and how it affects members of a Latino family. Demonstrates social and cultural forces that make it difficult for Latina battered women to break silence and seek help. Available in Spanish with English subtitles. (1992)

Distributed By: Committee for Hispanic Children and Families, Domestic Violence Project — Phone: (212) 206-1090; Fax: (212) 206-8093

This video documentary was produced by the BBC and chronicles the work that the Men’s Group of Managua (Grupo de Hombres Contra la Violencia de Managua (GHCV)) has been doing to combat violence against women. The GHCV is made up of grassroots activists in Nicaragua who have been involved in innovative community education work as well as a national media campaign that call upon men to take responsibility for male violence and work to end it. The interviews with members of the GHCV are in Spanish with subtitles in English. (1999)

Distributed By:
Men Overcoming Violence (MOVE) in San Francisco, CA.
Phone: (415) 626-6683. www.menovercomingviolence.org

"Mujer Valórate"
Domestic violence tactics and dynamics, obstacles for leaving, and how to access help, are examined through the experiences of battered Latina women and advocates working with them. (35 minutes).

Distributed By: Hermanas Unidas, Washington, D.C.
Phone: (202) 387-4848

"Nuestra Salud: Lesbianas Latinas Rompiendo Barreras"
Latina lesbians share their personal experiences while professionals in the field add their insights and put these issues in a broader context. (18 minutes) (1999)

Distributed By: National Latina/o Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Organization — LLEGÓ, Washington, D.C. — Phone: 1-888-633-8320; www.llego.org.

"Nunca Mas/Never Again"
A drama which depicts a Latina woman being abused by her husband and the process she goes through to get help from a battered women’s program and break free from abuse. (Approximately 50 minutes). Available in Spanish and English versions.

Distributed By: Mujeres Latinas en Accion
Phone: (312) 226-1544; Fax: (312) 226-2720

"Promesas Quebrantadas: Perspectivas Religiosas acerca de la Violencia Doméstica": [Broken Vows]
Religious Perspectives on Domestic Violence]. This video is directed toward clergy, congregations, religious educators and employees of shelters and other programs that seek to end domestic violence. It comes with a moderator’s guide book and pamphlets for the audience. The video is in two parts and each part is intended to be used in a two-hour workshop. Part I is 37 minutes; Part II is 22 minutes. (1999)

Distributed By: The Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence.
Phone: (206) 634-1903; www.cpsdv.org

"Un Nuevo Amanecer"
Portrays the life of a Latina women and the progression of domestic violence in her everyday life (family, friends, workplace and other systems). (25-30 minutes).

Distributed By: Texas Council on Family Violence
Phone: (512) 794-1133; Fax: (512) 794-1199

"Vidas Golpeadas, Esperanzas Destruidas: Cuando el hombre maltrata a la mujer"
Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo [Battered Lives, Broken Trust: When Men Abuse Women.]. Length: 21 minutes. (1997).

Distributed By: Interamerican Development Bank,
1300 New York Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C. 20577.

"Violencia Familiar" (Family Violence: A Male Perspective)
is a Spanish Video that tells the stories of four men who overcame their need to abuse and control their partners. In powerful and compelling stories, they talk about the effect their violence had on their children, the harmful legacy handed down from father to son that promoted their violence toward their partners, and the effects a "macho" culture had on them. Experts in family violence also offer their perspective on the harm of violence, and discuss ways for abusers to change so they can live productive and peaceful lives with their families. Includes study guide. (26 minutes).

Distributed By: Intermedia, Inc.. Phone 800-553-8336; www.intermedia-inc.com

"Ya No Mas!"
Spanish language video-based workshop about emotional and physical violence against women. Designed for use in self-help groups and public forums, the video workshop uses dramatic reenactments and on camera interviews to educate and initiate discussion about the various forms of domestic abuse suffered by millions of women. (28 minutes) (1993)

Distributed By: Intermedia, Inc.. Phone 800-553-8336; www.intermedia-inc.com


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