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Video Resources for Spanish-Speaking Audiences

“A Survivors’ Story” is Olga Trujillo’s powerful first hand and insightful documentary of the impact of violence in her life. Presented in four ten-minute segments (Witnessing. Childhood. Adolescence and Healing). This insightful documentary has proven a powerful training tool and a lifeline for those beginning their own journey towards survival.

Available now in DVD or VHS in English and Spanish.

Visit her website at to obtain more information and to order.

Dolores. Award-winning drama about domestic violence and how it affects members of a Latino family. Demonstrates social and cultural forces that make it difficult for Latina battered women to break silence and seek help. (Spanish with English subtitles) (1992).

Distributed by:
Committee for Hispanic Children and Families
140 West 22 Street, Suite 301
NY, NY 10011
Phone: 212-206-1090

A View from the Shadows: Child Sexual Abuse in the Hispanic Community.
Una Visión desde las Sombras: Abuse Sexual Infantil en la Communidad Hispana

(18 minutes, Spanish, English subtitles)

Carmen and Soledad were both sexually abused as children by family members. Now, as adults, they share their stories.

Gabriella, a therapist with the Nashville Child Advocacy Center, talks about tactics offenders use with victims, how abuse can be prevented, why children don’t tell, and the healing process.

Mary, an attorney and Hispanic advocate, discusses why the Hispanic community is hesitant to report. She emphasizes that reporting is important and encourages viewers to learn about their local laws so they will be able to get help for both the victim and offender.

Distributed by:

You Have the Power
2814 12th Ave South
Nashville, TN 37204
Ph: (615) 292-7027

La Vida Mia. Video produced by Lideres Campesinas and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It chronicles the life of a farm worker who is a survivor of domestic violence. (Spanish: 11 minutes)

Distributed by:
Migrant Clinicians Network
PO Box 164285
Austin, TX
Phone: 512-327-201

MACHO. Video documentary produced by the BBC and chronicles the work that the Men's Group of Managua (Grupo de Hombres Contra la Violencia de Managua (GHCV)) has been doing to combat violence against women. The GHCV is made up of grassroots activists in Nicaragua who have been involved in innovative community education work as well as a national media campaign that call upon men to take responsibility for male violence and work to end it. (Spanish with English subtitles: 26 minutes) (1999).

Distributed By:
Men Overcoming Violence (MOVE)
San Francisco, CA
Phone: (415) 626-6683

Mujer Valorate. Domestic violence tactics and dynamics, obstacles for leaving, and how to access help, are examined through the experiences of battered Latina women and advocates working with them. (Spanish: 35 minutes)

Distributed By:
1736 Columbia Rd., NW
Washington DC 20009

Nunca Mas/Never Again. Drama which depicts a Latina woman being abused by her husband, and the process she goes through to get help from a battered women's program and break free from abuse. (Spanish or English: 50 minutes).

Distributed By:
Mujeres Latinas en Acción
1823 W.17th Street
Chicago, IL 60608
Phone: 312-226-1544

¿Por Que Lloras Juanita? (Why Are You Crying Juanita?). Docu-drama about a Hispanic family’s struggle with domestic violence. It depicts an assault on the victim by her husband, in front of their 3 young children. One of the children phones 9-1-1 and the police come. The husband subsequently enrolls in a batterers’ treatment program.

Distributed by:
KOCT-Oceanside Community Television
3038 Industry Street, Suite 101
Oceanside, CA 92054
Phone: 760-722-4433

Promesas Quebrantadas: Perspectivas Religiosas acerca de la Violencia Doméstica (Broken Vows: Religious Perspectives on Domestic Violence). This video is directed toward clergy, congregations, religious educators and employees of shelters and other programs that seek to end domestic violence. It comes with a moderator's guidebook and pamphlets for the audience. The video is in two parts and each part is intended to be used in a two-hour workshop. (Spanish: Part I is 37 minutes; Part II is 22 minutes) (1999).

Distributed by:
FaithTrust Institute
2400 N 45th Street #10
Seattle, WA 98103
Phone: 877-860-2255

The Day You Love Me. Takes us into the daily life of policewomen and social workers in one of the Police Commissaries for Women and Children in Nicaragua's capital city of Managua. Women of different ages, as well as children and young adults, come there seeking help against abusive husbands, lovers and parents. They also talk freely about their experiences and their sometimes conflicting desires for change. The men in their lives come to the station to respond to the charges against them by defending themselves, justifying their actions, arguing their own grievances, or even admitting their wrongs. (Spanish with English subtitles: 61 minutes)

Distributed By:
Women Make Movies
462 Broadway Suite 500WS
NY, NY 10013
Phone: 212-925-0606

¡Ubícate! Haz la Diferencia. Video for young Latinos, educators, and community leaders. It is drama based on information, relationships, and is inspired by the reality of youth. (Spanish and English versions: 17 minutes) (2003).

Distributed by:
Casa de Esperanza
P.O. Box 75177
St. Paul, MN 55175
Phone: 651-646-5553

Un Nuevo Amanecer. Portrays the life of a Latina woman and the progression of domestic violence in her everyday life (family, friends, workplace and other systems). The video was made especially for public education, outreach and training, and support groups. (Spanish: 25 minutes).

Distributed By:
Texas Council on Family Violence
PO Box 161810
Austin, Texas 78716
Phone: 512-794-1133

Vidas Golpeadas, Esperanzas Destruidas: Cuando el hombre maltrata a la mujer (Battered Lives, Broken Trust: When Men Abuse Women). Video has been broadcast nationally in 11 Latin American countries, along with televised debates on the issue. The objective of the video is to increase the visibility in society of the problem of domestic violence, bring the consequences and magnitude of the problem into public debate, and encourage governments to design policies and invest in programs that address this problem. (Spanish and English versions: 21 minutes) (1997).

Distributed By:
Inter-American Development Bank
1300 New York Avenue, N.W., Stop W-0502
Washington, D.C. 20577
Phone: 202-623-3533

Violencia Familiar (Family Violence: A Male Perspective). Spanish video that tells the stories of four men who overcame their need to abuse and control their partners. In powerful and compelling stories, they talk about the effect their violence had on their children, the handful legacy handed down from father to son that promoted their violence toward their partners, and the effects a "macho" culture had on them. Experts in family violence also offer their perspective on the hand of violence, and discuss ways for abusers to change so they can live productive and peaceful lives with their families. Includes study guide. (Spanish, with or without English subtitles: 26 minutes) (2000).

Distributed By:
Intermedia, Inc.
Phone 800-553-8336

¡Ya No Mas! Spanish-language video about emotional and physical violence against women. Designed for use in self-help groups and public forums, the video workshop uses dramatic reenactments and on-camera interviews to educate and initiate discussion about the various forms of domestic abuse suffered by millions of women. (Spanish: 28 minutes) (1996).

Distributed By:
Intermedia, Inc.
Phone: 800-553-8336

Stepping into Latino Realities: This training video is an excellent tool for groups interested in learning more about communicating and working with Latino individuals and families. Divided into eight vignettes, the film highlights situations that service providers may encounter while working with Latino clients and their families. Each scene provides insight that helps viewers understand Latino cultures and prevent communication breakdowns. With its Facilitator's Guide, Stepping Into Latino Realities is ideal for launching group discussions.

Order at Casa de Esperanza’s online store:

Details: color; English; 25 minutes. $30 plus shipping and handling
VHS ISBN: 0-9744701-4-7; **NTSC format: only

**NTSC format is used in the USA, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and most countries in South America. PAL format may be needed in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Check your VCR requirements. PAL format requires two additional weeks prior to shipping.

Teens Speak Out: Dating Violence is a 10 minute video created by Break the Cycle to introduce the topic of teen dating violence to youth. This teen-friendly, professional video uses the stories of young victims of abuse to help young people recognize warning signs and understand that help is available.

For more information go to

To place an order, please contact Break the Cycle at 310.286.3366 or


For help please call:

The National
Domestic Violence Hotline:

1-800-799-7233 (SAFE)

The New York State Spanish Domestic Violence Hotline:




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