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Making a Gift to Alianza

There are various ways to make a gift to Alianza. Donations can be made in the form of cash contributions, stock or real estate and are tax-deductible.  Donated services such as printing, meeting space, and catering, are also welcome.

Gifts of Cash

A gift of cash is available immediately for the use of Alianza, and in most cases is fully deductible for donors who itemize their federal income taxes.  Your check should be made payable to the National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence.  (Send check with this form.)

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many corporations match gifts to charitable institutions made by employees and directors; some will match the gifts of employee spouses and retired employees as well.  For information about your employer's matching gift program, please contact your personnel office; it is necessary in all cases for the donor to secure the proper matching gift forms from the corporation and to submit them to the Alianza in order for the Alianza to receive the matching gifts.

Deferred Gifts

A deferred gift will allow a donor to make a sizable gift to Alianza and continue to receive income from the gift for her/his lifetime, for the lifetime of another beneficiary, or for a specified period of years.  It will also generate a charitable income tax deduction in the year of the gift.  A deferred gift may be designated for a specific purpose, or directed to support the general purposes of Alianza.


An individual may include Alianza in her/his will, by leaving a percentage of her/his estate, a specific dollar amount, or by naming Alianza as the residual beneficiary.  Sample bequest language is available.

Gifts of Miles

Miles belong exclusively to the earner, and cannot be transferred under the rules of most programs.  But all programs allow you to redeem miles for awards in another person's name.  Thus, you can "pledge" the number of miles needed for an award ticket (usually 25,000 miles for a domestic round trip) to Alianza.  Once the Alianza determines the name of the recipient, you will need to book the ticket in the recipient's name.

If you are considering a gift to Alianza and would like further information, please call or write:

National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence
Attn: Development
P.O. Box 672
New York, NY 10035
800-342-9908 OR 646-672-1404


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