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Luis Aravena
116 Marchount Road
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: (416) 654-9352
Fax: (415) 920-2387
Email: luistoronto@hotmail.com

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Ricardo Carrillo
Director of Training for Alianza
24932 Lucien Way
Hayward, CA 94544
Email: ricocar1@home.com

Dr. Carrillo is a licensed clinical psychologist, internationally recognized clinical trainer with specializations in domestic violence, family therapy, forensic psychology, addictions, and cultural competence. Currently he is the Director of Training and Technical Assistance for the National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence is currently conducting a Dual Diagnosis Study of San Francisco's Mental Health System. He has served as the dual diagnosis specialist for Walden House, Inc. in San Francisco and has taught in the Alcohol and Drug Certification programs at the College of San Mateo and as Director of Training for City College of San Francisco. He has also served as senior faculty and director of training for several graduate schools of professional psychology in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the senior editor of the text "Family Violence and Men of Color: Healing the Wounded Male Spirit." Springer Publishing Co., 1998. He is the father of two children Regina and Reynaldo, is a purveyor of the culinary arts and performs with a Tex Mex group: The Cruzin' Coyotes.

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Roberto Garda
Diego Arenas Gutaman
N. 189 Col. Iztaccihuatl
Mexico, DF 03520
Phone: (011) 8696-3498
Fax: (011) 5696-3498
Email: rgarda@coriac.org.mx

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Rolando E. Goubaud-Reyna, L.C.S.W.
690 Birdsong Street
Gilroy, CA 95020
Phone: (408) 842-7796
Fax: (408) 842-7796
Email: rolandoegr@aol.com

Rolando E. Goubaud-Reyna was born and raised in Guatemala City, Guatemala in Central America. He earned a degree in psychology from Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala 's National University. He worked in social justice causes with disfranchised communities and as a result, he was forced to leave his country and come to the U.S. as a political refugee in the late 70's. A few years after struggling to survive, he obtained the legal right to work that allowed him to work in human services. He worked in group homes for abused children as well as oversaw services for the elderly. In the late mid 80's he started working in domestic violence in the Denver metropolitan area helping to develop, implement and provided direct services for adult male offenders, primarily Spanish speaking. He relocated to California working in San Joaquin providing treatment to batterers and sex offenders. While in San Joaquin County he was a co-founder of the Hispanic Mental Health Professionals of San Joaquin County. He also worked in developing programs for primarily Spanish speaking offenders in San Mateo County. He obtained a masters degree in social work from the San Jose State University in the early 90's. For the last eight years, he has been employed with the Santa Clara County Mental Health department, and for most of the time providing services to incarcerated youth. He has provided training and presentations on cultural dynamics in working with Latino domestic violence offenders to staff and interns with the Santa Clara County Mental Health department. Additionally, he assisted in the planning and organizing of two Latino Domestic Violence conferences in Santa Clara County. He is a contributing co-author to a chapter in the book Family Violence and Men of Color (with Dr. Ricardo Carrillo). He is the father of two children Gabriela and Rafael.

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Samuel Martinez
2073 Rosedale Avenue
Oakland, CA 94601
Phone: (510) 533-3994
Fax: (510) 535-4167
Email: samuelin50@aol.com

I am a grandfather of four, father of six, brother to ten, uncle to 38 and husband to one. I have been trying to understand domesticated violence since the age of five. I was born 102 years after the "Mexican-American War," 60 years after The Last of the Indian Wars" and 17 years after the last Mexican Indian was hung from a tree in Santa Cruz, California. All of the bullets and cannons from these wars were still exploding in the living room of my childhood, in my father's rages. The racist slander and insults from all of the "Indian Wars" were still exploding in the classrooms of my childhood. Then they exploded in my mind and required the last fifteen years of recovery.

I stood, first with my mother against this violence. To this life-time effort I have added 33 years as a Community Activist, 26 years as a Family Therapist and 13 years in the Northern Council of National Compadres Network. I, like my mother, protect my young who are now protecting the next generation, my grandchildren. I represent all my relations and add my voice to stop this domesticated violence, replication oppressive ways; that took our lands and threatens to break our spirit. We are winning.

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Fernando  Mederos
86 Forest Hills Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Phone: (800) 672 4363
Fax: (617) 524-7717
Email: frmederos1@aol.com

He is very happy to be a member of the National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence. This has enriched his work immeasurably.

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Luis Nieves-Rosa
Principal Investigator
Centro Universitario de Servicios y Estudios Psicologicos
Universidad de Puerto Rico
153 Calle Cruz, #3-F
Viejo San Juan, PR 00901
Puerto Rico
Phone: (787) 977-6382
Email: lenrosa@hotmail.com

Research Assistant University Center for Psychological Services
Research Department of Psychology
University of Puerto Rico
San Juan, PR 00931-3174

Mr. Nieves-Rosa is a Social Worker, Research Scientist working as the Coordinator for a study of the effectiveness of a program for HIV-positive gay males, to empower themselves. Previous work includes Project Coordinator for the Entre Hombre Program at the NYC's Hispanic AIDS Forum, and Program Manager at the Center for Clinical Behavioral Studies/NYSPI/Columbia University. Mr. Nieves-Rosa is a Latino gay man living with HIV.

To learn more about his work, please click here NievesRosa.htm

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Martin Ornelas-Quintero
Executive Director
LLEGO: The National Latina/o Lesbian Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Organization
Phone: (202) 408-5380
Fax: (202) 408-5310
Email: moq@llego.org

Born in Tijuana, Mexico, and raised in Los Angeles, California, a committed spokesman for the Latina/Latino lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) movement. Human and civil rights' advocate for increased resources for health services, specifically for LGBT Hispanics in the United States, Puerto Rico and Latin America. Instrumental in establishing a nationally coordinated effort to build, strengthen and sustain the infrastructure and capacity of organizations for such groups.

Career Experience


Executive Director, The National Latina/Latino Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Organization (LLEGO)

Member of Board of Directors, The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda--a coalition of the 35 largest Hispanic organizations in the United States and Puerto Rico

Member of Board of Directors, The National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence

Principal architect in the creation and development of the National Network of Latina/Latino LGBT organizations (Cadena de Afiliados) - 175 network members throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Latin America


Bachelor of Arts in Chicano Studies
University of California--Berkeley

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Felipe Perez
Caminar Latino Catholic Mission
5918 New Peachtree Road
Doraville, GA 30340
Phone: (770) 454-8437
Fax: (770) 454-9885

A community resource specialist working with the Latino community in Atlanta since 1993, specializing in men who batter. Several years' experience giving presentations about domestic violence at local, state, and national gatherings. Helped establish the first Spanish language batterers' intervention group in the Atlanta area in 1995.

Career Experience:

Serving as co-facilitator of the BIP for TAPESTRI, Inc., the Immigrant and Refugee Coalition Against Domestic Violence

A facilitator of Caminar Latino's batterers' intervention group, a comprehensive intervention program for Latino families affected by domestic violence. Co-author of an article and book chapter on the batterers' intervention program.

Employed at the Mision Catolica Nuestra Senora de las Americas, a community center that serves Latino/Latina immigrants and that also helps fund Caminar Latino programs.

A founding member of the BIP for TAPESTRI, Inc.


Men Stopping Violence
Atlanta, Georgia

Training Center to Eradicate Masculine Intrafamily Violence (CECEVIM)
San Francisco, California

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Julia F. Perilla
Assistant Research Professor
Department of Psychology
Georgia State University
University Plaza
Atlanta, GA 30303-3083
Phone: (404) 651-2955
Fax: (404) 651-1391
Email: psyipp@langate.gsu.edu

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Felipe Antonio Ramirez Hernandez
Centro de Capacitación Para Erradicar La Violencia (CECEVIM)
474 Valencia, Suite 150
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: (415) 810-2348
Fax: (415 552-1361
Email: 72632.24@compuserve.com

Antonio studied psychology in Mexico at the National University of Mexico, music at UC Santa Cruz and got his MA in voice at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. He has a MA degree in psychology with emphasis on drama therapy program from California Institute of Integral Studies. He is completing his doctoral degree in psychology at the same institution.

Antonio has worked in psychiatric settings, with adolescents, children in pre-schools and elementary schools.

Since 1987, he has focused on working with men who are abusive to their partners. In 1990, he set up a Spanish speaking program for men in San Francisco, and in 1991 the English program in the same city.

He trained the staff to set up their batterer's program and is still a consultant for "Caminar Latino" in Atlanta directed by Dr. Julia Perilla. He started doing international trainings in 1992. He trained the staff at CORIAC in Mexico and is still a consultant with them. He has also trained men in Honduras and Panama sponsored by United Nations, Pan-American Health Organization and the European Community.

He has made presentations in several states in the United States at different conferences including the Fifth International Conference on Family Violence in San Diego, the National Conference on Health Care and Domestic Violence by the Family Prevention Fund, both in 2000 and presented the model at the national conference of the Latino Alliance Against Domestic Violence in 2000 in Pasadena, California. In August 1999, he presented at the Millennium Conference against Domestic Violence in Chicago. In October 1999, Antonio went back to Atlanta to train men form "Tapestry", a multicultural group of men from different countries to run batterers programs using CECEVIM's approach that seems to be applicable to diverse communities.

He spoke at the National Week against Domestic Violence in Guatemala in 1997. In Peru, he did two workshops, one in Lima and other Cuzco sponsored by the Pan-American Health Organization and the recognized "Flora Tristan Women's Center."

CECEVIM is a consulting agency dedicated to train agencies to use its intervention model that is culturally appropriate for Latino men. Through this agency, Antonio continues his research on masculinity and intrafamily violence. He is also director of POCOVI, a batterers program in San Francisco and runs "Programa Respeto" for Canal Community Alliance in San Rafael, California.

He is the author of "Violencia Masculina en el Hogar: Alternativas y Soluciones." (Masculine Violence in the Home: Alternatives and Solutions) published in Mexico in 2000 by Editorial Pax. He is also collaborating with a chapter for the book "Batterer Intervention Programs: A Handbook for Clinicians, Practitioners, and Advocates" edited by Etiony Aldarondo and Fernando Mederos to be published in 2001. Antonio is writing an article for magazine El Cotidiano published by the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico about "Masculine Identities and Intrafamily Violence" that will appear in early 2002.

He received the San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women's "Del Martin/Isabel Serna" award in 1994 for his activism to stop domestic violence.

Other interests of his include ancient American methods of shamanic healing, running, and sings professionally when he has the time. Visit the CECEVIM Home Page.

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Jerry Tello
National Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute
5252 East Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA. 90022
Phone: (323) 728-7770 ext. 18
Fax: (323) 728-8666
Email: TELLOJT@aol.com

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