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What People Are Saying About Alianza’s Trainings

Wonderful workshop- Ivonne’s knowledge, warmth at presenting and contact with the group was great and the material provided is going to be very useful for the sessions I facilitate. Muchas Gracias!

Excellent Training! Speaker was very pleasant and easy to understand. I will take a lot of new ideas and will implement them.

Magnifico! Wonderful training- the best I’ve attended in a long time, very engaging presenters with stimulating material. My interest in this topic will continue beyond this training. Well done!

Wonderful training that will be very meaningful in helping SARSSM to grow as an organization.

Ustedes no saben cuanta diferencia su presencia ha tenido en mi vida ya que no soy solo profesional o líder o comadres. Viéndolas manejando tan importante asuntos y como escucharon, aconsejaron y ayudaron me hace sentir aun mas orgullosa de ser mujer y Latina.

Es un placer haberles tenido, gracias mil gracias. Aprendí muchísimo.

Great training. I will use the Elliot video & the activity in our trainings! :-) Thank you!

Thank you for embodying strong women for me to carry with me!

Wonderful training!! Want more concrete info on best practices.

Excellent! Thanks so much

Hi Ivonne,
I wanted to take the time to thank you & Mily for taking your time to train SARSSM on how to better serve the Latino Community in Southern Maine. I found this training extremely valuable and noted many ways in which our agency can grow from here and how I can be a better sexual assault advocate.

I thoroughly enjoyed this training. I appreciated the mix of activities that enabled us as participants to get up out of our chairs, move around and engage in a different way. The use of video clips was powerful. The case scenario group exercise was extremely helpful for me to think about how to be culturally sensitive when helping someone from the Latino community. Thanks again!

Angela Giordano ( Maine )

Dearest Comadres,
I want to take a moment to acknowledge the powerful, liberating and inspirational gift that you all left us with here in Portland, Maine.

I can honestly say that the training far exceeded any expectation that I had in both professional quality and personal satisfaction. I know that I have told those of you that presented that for me it was so gratifying to see other Latinas leading so beautifully and that alone gave me stores of hope and renewed dedication to this work. It is work that is often hard and fraught with isolation. You all came to Portland, showed us how it's done and in so doing we are charged with transforming our organizations, ourselves and our communities.

I want to especially thank Adelita for being there that day (almost 2 years ago), answering the phone herself, and hearing the need in my voice. Adelita, you responded with such sustained support and thoughtful attention that I am in awe of you without ever having met you. Thank you for all of your generosity. Eres una bendicion.

( Heartfelt Thank You for the 3-day Training , Portland, Maine )

Benefits Trainees Derived From The Trainings:

  • Understanding the healing process with men.
  • Shift in thinking about men as trustworthy and capable of changing these issues
  • It gave me a deeper understanding of my own family.
  • The knowledge that I can use my heart and not be dependent on a curriculum
  • I am reconnected with myself and culture
  • I will use this information to work on myself first and then use it with those around me.
  • I have received great information that I can use at work and home.
  • Learned how to present personal stories to emphasize a point.