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Veronica Davila from the P.E.A.C.E. Initiative talks about her experiences as a single mother raising boys at Working with Men & Boys training, San Antonio, TX, Nov. 14-15, 2013.  Photo courtesy of Daniel V. Pineda.

Alianza in partnership with the National Compadres Network, just wrapped up a series of trainings entitled: Working with Men and Boys to Eradicate Domestic Violence. The trainings were offered in October and November in Fairfax, VA; Los Angeles, California; and San Antonio, Texas. Co-hosting agencies included: Fairfax County Government, East Los Angeles Women's Center, P.E.A.C.E Initiative and the American Indians in Texas.

Approximately 150 participants (women and men) from throughout the country took part in the trainings.

Participants in this workshop:

  • Were able to reflect on the characteristics of men and boys that they grew up with

  • Gained an increased understanding of how boys are raised and the effects on their relationship development skills, the way society sees Latino men and boys, and how internalized oppression relates to their behaviors

  • Explored aspects of cultural roots and teachings that have been passed on through generations.

  • Gained an understanding of issues that Latino men and boys face, the baggage they carry, the gifts they offer

  • Gained an appreciation for the diversity of men they will encounter within the Latino population, based on country of origin, language, generation in U.S., citizenship & time in the country as it relates to inclusion of men and boys, in dealing with the issues of domestic violence.

  • Gained a grounded basis for the inclusion of men and boys in dealing with issues of domestic violence and learn how to reach out and engage them as advocates

  • Gained a greater awareness of practical strategies and practices to engage Latino males and about what tools, interventions, materials and other resources are available.

  • Learned about the work of the National Compadres Network and about the importance of living the principles of "El Hombre Noble," modelling desired behaviors and having a place where men can ground themselves—"circulo."

The trainings were funded by Grant Number 2011-TA-AX-K091 from the Department of Justice/Office on Violence Against Women and conducted by Maestro Jerry Tello and Dr. Ricardo Carrillo. See what people are saying about our trainings.